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This column showcases the Inside station media of various stations all over India, owned by Priority Media Pvt. Ltd. Below shown are some of the images of the publicity done by our company for various clients. The Media is used to advertise/ publicize the products and schemes of various companies and businesses. Our media surely lets the companies get to a variety of audience from all over the country. Therefore,Β the companies are easily able to get to their target audience. The railway stations that we cater attracts large amounts of footfall and hence, giving the maximum amount of benefit to our clients.

In addition, there are different demographics of people(i.e. age, gender, income level, geographic locations etc) that travel through Indian railways. Therefore, each company can get their perfect target audience through this media!

We own media that includes-

  • Backlit and Translite display panels
  • Round LED screens
  • LED globe
  • Hoardings
  • Towers
  • Banners etc.

Why you should use this media for publicity:

  • Displays the message wide and clear
  • Easily visible to the audience
  • The ads are in close proximity to the people moving around
  • Cannot be ignored
  • Colorful and radiant ads catches the attention of the audience very easily

Some of the STATION MEDIA that we own:

Jaipur Railway Station

Agra Railway Station

Pune Railway Station

Vadodara Railway Station

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