Digital marketing vs Traditional marketing ?

What is digital marketing and traditional marketing? And which one is better? The answer may come as a blow to you.

Many small scaled business owners are not able to decide which advertising medium to pick, that’s mostly because low marketing budget allows them to select only one or two channels of marketing. In the age of twitter, SEO, blogging, content marketing, marketers often find themselves lost and confused when it comes to selecting the perfect advertising channel for their brand. In the marketing world, there is a constant debate between traditional marketing and digital marketing. Marketing channels like news paper, radio, outdoor advertising, and transit advertising (railways, railway stations, airport trolleys) are some common traditional marketing tools. Social media sites (facebook, twitter, instagram), blogging, SEO, Pay Per Click, viral marketing etc. are some ways to do digital marketing. A well selected and defined medium for your advertising campaign can help you reach your goals 65% more effectively.

But the question here is which platform to use to build your brand?

Every marketer is faced by these mind boggling questions, where to advertise to get my money’s worth? How do I know that my brand is reaching my desired audience? Go digital or stick to traditional channels?  The result may come as surprise to you.

The success of your marketing campaign largely depends on who you want to speak to and who your customers are.

For instance, if you are looking forward to connect with baby boomer generation (those born between 1950’s to 1960’s) or gen x (born between late 1960’s to early 1970’s) then you might want to think about adopting traditional channels more than digital tools.

And if you are considering targeting millennials (born between 1980’s to 1990’s) and Generation Z ( those born from 2000 to today), it would be advisable to stick to the media this generation is accustomed to such as social media, videos, blogs, and emails.

Social media marketing have definitely changed the way we do business but it hasn’t completely replaced traditional marketing. Traditional mediums like hoardings, railways advertising makes a huge impact and are well within the budgets of small business holders.

Does that mean you need to do both of them?

The answer is no, you need to do what is most effective for your business. Give people what they want, make things personal, spend time researching your customer base and choose your customer wisely.

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